Formula X Neon Nail Base Coat 0.4 oz

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Formula X Neon Nail Base Coat 0.4 oz

Color: Matte White for Neons

A matte, white base coat specially formulated to boost nail color and enhance the wear of neon nail polish.

Amp up your neons like never before with this savvy Neon Base Coat. Designed with a binding matte white formula, this primer provides the perfect canvas to help polish take hold, boost color vibrancy, and prevent staining. This polish allows you to rock your neons with unprecedented brightness.

For optimal application, apply one thin, even layer of the Neon Base Coat not too close to the cuticles or sides; wait until dry, then proceed with nail color of your choice. The matte, white base is uniquely formulated as a nail canvas primer and does not require an opaque, full-coverage application in order to achieve that perfect pop of nail color—sometimes less really is more

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