PRZMAN Shaving Sucks Easy Shave Lube & Happy Ending After Shave Healer 2 oz

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PRZMAN Shaving Sucks Easy Shave Lube & Happy Ending After Shave Healer 2 oz Each

say no to foam

Great alone, but even better together - get an Easy Shave with a Happy Ending with PRZ's Shaving Sucks Kit. Easy Shave was created for very sensitive beards, this translucent four-in-one gel, lubricant, oil-free emollient, and gliding conditioner softens your beard providing cushion and glide. Easy Shave helps reduce razor drag, rash and ingrown hairs. Thanks to its clear formula you're able to see what and where you are shaving. It's the easiest shave of your life. Happy Ending is an oil-free moisturizer that soothes, heals and protects your face. The thick white cream cools razor burn, reduces redness, and relieves irritation. This Happy Ending will leave you with nothing but smooth skin and a smile on your face.

Directions: Massage Easy Shave into your slightly warm moist beard after showering or washing your face. Activate Easy Shave by tapping some warm water onto your face. Begin shaving with the grain (down). To go against the grain (up), or to keep getting closer, dab more warm water on your face and keep shaving. For areas that are prone to nicks and cuts, let Easy Shave sit longer before dabbing with warm water. To stop the activation process, rinse the product off with cold water. Generously rub Happy Ending into freshly shaved skin.

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